Tom M. Ragonneau

Actively developing software for derivative-free optimization.

Self introduction

I am a fresh Ph.D. graduate from the Department of Applied Mathematics at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I was advised by Dr. Zaikun Zhang and Prof. Xiaojun Chen, and supported by the University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong, under the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS, ref. PF18-24698).

Research overview

My research interests include mathematical optimization and its applications, especially

Selected publications

[1] T. M. Ragonneau and Z. Zhang. PDFO: A Cross-Platform Package for Powell’s Derivative-Free Optimization Solver. 2023. arXiv:2302.13246 [math.OC].

[2] T. M. Ragonneau and Z. Zhang. An Optimal Interpolation Set for Model-Based Derivative-Free Optimization Methods. 2023. arXiv:2302.09992 [math.OC].

[3] T. M. Ragonneau. “Model-Based Derivative-Free Optimization Methods and Software.” Ph.D. thesis. Hong Kong: Department of Applied Mathematics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2022.

[4] R. Benshila, G. Thoumyre, M. Al Najar, G. Abessolo Ondoa, R. Almar, E. Bergsma, G. Hugonnard, L. Labracherie, B. Lavie, T. M. Ragonneau, S. Ehouarn, B. Vieublé, and D. Wilson. “A deep learning approach for estimation of the nearshore bathymetry.” J. Coast. Res. 95.sp1. (2020), pp. 1011–1015.


Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics


M.Sc. in Scientific Computing

Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT · Toulouse, France

M.Eng. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT · Toulouse, France
  • Graduated in High Performance Computing and Big Data.


Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Research projects related to derivative-free optimization.
  • Maintenance of the COBYQA package.
  • Maintenance of the PDFO package.

Research Associate

  • Fianlize the initial version of the COBYQA package.
  • Maintenance of the PDFO package.

Research Assistant

  • Initial development of the PDFO package.

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